Overview If you're a driver in the Fort Collins, Colorado area, then you understand the importance of a high-quality, dependable SUV for all seasons of the year. That's why at Fort Collins Jeep, we're offering some of the finest SUV models on the market for your winter and mountain driving. It is our automotive team's mission to provide you with the specific car that meets your lifestyle, needs, and budget. Whether you need maximum cargo and passenger capacity or need the latest in safety and technology features, we have options at our dealership for you to test drive. View some of our most popular SUV models below, then when you're ready, call our Fort Collins Jeep staff to schedule your appointment and get behind the wheel!

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Best All-Season SUVs in Fort Collins, CO

Jeep Compass

23/30 MPG180 HPInfo
Our first SUV spotlight is on the Jeep Compass. Don't underestimate one of the most fuel-efficient SUVs on the lot, this family-friendly selection offers a seamless driving experience for up to 5 passengers with extra space in the back for all of your gear. You can expect 4-wheel drive going from point A to point B, with a towing capacity of 2,000 lbs and a horsepower of 180. For a worry-free drive with an SUV that is powerful but not overwhelming, consider a basic warranty with the Jeep Compass (3 years/36,000 miles or 5 years/60,000 miles). Included are the latest infotainment and safety features, so you can drive with ease and comfort wherever your next trip may be.
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Jeep Cherokee

19/27 MPG271 HPInfo
For a great price without compromising on your winter SUV's performance, the Jeep Cherokee might be the right selection for you. Smaller and with a lower starting price than its bigger counterpart, the Jeep Grand Cherokee, you can still expect plenty of benefits from this Jeep vehicle. Its impressive infotainment features and the latest in safety technology will make driving your 4-wheel drive, 5-passenger SUV a breeze. While it runs in the middle of the pack for fuel efficiency, it offers more starting horsepower than the Jeep Compass with 271 and has plenty of cargo space for all of your belongings. If you need a little bit of column A and column B for a well-balanced SUV, then consider the Jeep Cherokee at Fort Collins Jeep.
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Jeep Grand Cherokee

22/30 MPG475 HPInfo
If you want it all, the ultimate all-in-one SUV option that offers luxury, power, and entertainment wherever you go, then we recommend the Jeep Grand Cherokee. The iconic, head-turning SUV comes with 4-wheel drive, several warranty options, the latest safety features from Jeep, and spacious seating for its 5 passengers. With the most horsepower Jeep SUVs offer at up to 475, and a towing capacity of up to 7,200 lbs., this strong but stylish selection can do it all. For the serious winter SUV driver looking to invest in all of the bells and whistles, then Jeep Grand Cherokee will not disappoint drivers on Fort Collins, CO roads. Feel the difference at Fort Collins Jeep today.
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Dodge Durango

18/25 MPG360 HPInfo
If you're hoping to explore other SUV models for winter, then our sibling dealership Fort Collins DCR is here to help! For pure power and space, the Dodge Durango SUV should be considered as a potential candidate. This rugged, unstoppable vehicle offers drivers 360 horsepower and up to 7,200 lbs of impressive towing capacity, making this powerhouse a frontrunner for capable SUVs. You can carry up to 7 passengers with the same 3 year/36,000 miles and 5 year/60,000 miles warranty options as many of our Jeep models. Not only can the Dodge Durango fit more friends and family, but the additional cargo space is enough to make nearly any adventure possible. Call the Fort Collins DCR team to expand your horizons and schedule a test drive at either of our dealerships!
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At Fort Collins Jeep, we are proud to serve local drivers with all-season, all-wheel SUVs that they can count on, making every customer feel safe and happy when they leave the lot with their new Jeep. Our auto financing experts are equipped and ready to help you determine a car payment plan that works for you, whether it's leasing the latest Jeep SUV models or applying for a traditional auto loan for complete car ownership. We are ready and looking forward to serving you in Fort Collins, CO.
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