EV Charging Tips | Cold Weather Charging Tips


EV Charging Tips

Whether you charge at home or on the road these tips can help you ensure you never run out of charge so you can take full advantage of the efficient MPGe for the Wrangler 4xe - 49MPGe or Grand Cherokee 4xe with 56MPGe in all weather conditions.

While there are many public stations in Fort Collins and Colorado as a whole, the cost for electricity should be lower at your home. Jeep 4xes come standard with a Level I charging cable and charges it with a standard 120V outlet which takes approximately 12 hours.  Or you can upgrade to a Jeep® Brand Level II Charger (240V), and fully charge your EV battery in about 2 hours.  

Jeep has partnered with Qmerit to ensure your home installation of the charger is done right!

Using Jeep Hybrid Pages to Optimize Energy Usage

Learn the Three Driving Modes of Your Jeep 4xe
The Jeep 4xe powertrains have three modes of operation called E-Selec. The E-Selec modes allow you to control when and how to use your electric range, Electric Mode (battery only), Hybrid (a combination of electric and gas motor) or eSave (saves battery charge for later use-is customizable). The controls are mounted on the instrument panel.

Use the Hybrid Electric Pages to Optimize Your 4xe's Electric Range
Thanks to Uconnect you can easily track your overall battery usage and its effect on electric range, gas range and combined range. Located on the center cluster are icons. With this you have the ability to monitor power flow, schedule charging times, and view your driving history as it relates to electric and gasoline usage:

Schedule Your Charging Sessions on Your Hybrid Pages
You should take advantage of off-peak charging hours by scheduling your charging sessions in the Uconnect Hybrid Electric Pages. You can leverage the information saved in your driving history which will help you figure out how much time you need to charge on a given day.
Download a Charging App
Charging at home isn't always possible or convenient.  With a charging app you can easily find the closest stations to you while traveling.
Charge Now Instead of Later 
With the Jeep 4xe, you don't need to stick only to scheduled charging times. You can use Uconnect and take advantage of an opportunity to charge while you're out and about. Stopping to eat, shop or explore on a road trip is a perfect time to maintain your charge 

Extreme Weather Charging Tips

Weather is a consideration for optimal charging and battery life especially in extreme temperatures like below 20 degrees or above 95 degrees and can impact your battery's charge. It doesn't mean you can't live or drive in extreme temperatures but by understanding the effects, you can adjust accordingly to ensure you take advantage of the efficiency afforded by Jeep's 4xe technology and get those most out of your battery.  

Warm Up Your Jeep with Uconnect

Remote start your vehicle to preheat the engine and battery. In doing so you will create a more efficient temperature for your battery to operate and you'll be able to hop into a warm cabin space, win-win! If you can pre-heat it while the battery is plugged in even better, the battery being warmed will allow it to charge at optimum speed. 

Park in the Garage When Possible

Keeping your vehicle sheltered in extreme cold when possible will help maintain battery charge. Fortunately in Colorado, where there's no lack of sunshine, parking with it exposed to sun will help your battery hold charge in cold weather. 

Keep Your EVs Battery at a Minimum Charge in Cold Weather 

In extreme cold weather it's best to keep a minimum amount of charge. Your battery can lose charge in extreme cold weather so keeping a minimum charge of 20% would be a good rule of thumb. You can monitor how much charge you have, or lose, over a period of time in extreme cold, then you can adjust the minimum charge if you necessary.

Hot Weather Tips for Charging

As you might have surmised, keeping it sheltered when possible, in a shady spot, covered parking or a garage and keeping it plugged in when possible will help ensure your battery has available power when you need it. 

Jeep Brand® EV Technology makes it's simple to keep an eye on your vehicle's battery level. There are LED indicators on the dashboard, and by the charging port.

Fort Collins Jeep is located in Fort Collins and is the designated Jeep dealership for Loveland. You'll find plenty of room to view the vehicles indoors or out, in the event of any "extreme temps",  and plenty of new and used Jeeps to choose from our excellent inventory. Find us at Harmony Rd at Mason St, just one block west of College Avenue, or call us at (970) 632-9770. 

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